Eraflash Flash point tester

The safe side of flash point testing.

ASTM D56, ASTM D92, ASTM D93, ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094,

The Safe Side of Flashpoint Testing

The ERAFLASH is the safest and fastest way to test the flashpoint of fresh & used oils, diesel, and jet fuel. Accurate enough for a standard laboratory, and portable enough to be used in a mobile lab, this petroleum, diesel, and gasoline flash point testing equipment is fully compliant with ASTM D6450 and D7094 and tests flashpoints built around Continuously Closed Cup Flashpoint (CCCFP) methods.

The instrument has the distinct capability of measuring temperatures ranging from -25 to 420°C (-13 to 788F) with only 1-2 ml of sample size, making it the first flashpoint tester worldwide to cover the full temperature range. During measurements, an electric arc ignites the sample vapor and the analyzer determines the flash point by the pressure change inside the closed cup. Flashpoint testing never was safer and easier until ERAFLASH.

Featuring a built-in industry PC with USB interfaces, the testing equipment allows for advanced data management by connecting external devices including modern printers, external keyboards, and barcode readers, as well as integrating with LIMS systems. The ERAFLASH is additionally equipped with large data point memory storage and password security. The advanced analyzer’s data can be viewed on the included large color touch screen and saved on a memory stick and documented in universal PC worksheet formats for further analysis.

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