Eracheck Eco

The most economical choice for oil-in-water testing on the market


EPA 1664A, EPA 1664B, EPA 9071B, ASTM D3921, ASTM D4281, ASTM D7066, ASTM D7678, DIN 38409-H18, EN 14039, IP 426, ISO 9377-2, ISO 9377-2 (MOD) OSPAR, ISO 16703,

Durable. Dependable. Design you can trust.

ERACHECK ECO combines the inherent advantages of IR methods like a fast and highly precise measurement with the CFC-free and low-cost solvent cyclohexane offering highest precision even for sub-ppm oil-in-water measurements. Being fully compliant with the advanced standard ASTM D8193, ERACHECK ECO’s cost-efficient and eco-friendly measurement technology provide the most economical alternative for oil-in-water testing on the market.

ERACHECK ECO’s durable design makes it the ideal device for on-site measurement even in harsh environments like on oil drilling platforms. Typical applications for the ERACHECK ECO are total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) or total oil and grease (TOG) measurements.

With its easy and intuitive operation, ERACHECK ECO enables the straightforward creation of user calibrations and associations, ensuring excellent correlation with other established oil-in-water methods like the gravimetric method EPA 1664A, and IR-methods ASTM D7678, ASTM D7066 and ASTM D3921.

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