The latest technological advancement in oil condition monitoring.

ASTM D445, ASTM D664, ASTM D2896, ASTM D7412, ASTM D7414, ASTM D7415, ASTM D7418, ASTM D7624, ASTM E2412,

Portable FTIR oil analysis in seconds

The ERASPEC OIL is a portable, stand-alone infrared analyzer for high-speed lubricant oil analysis and condition monitoring. This instrument’s patented interferometer design delivers laboratory-grade results directly on site and is in full compliance with ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods. ERASPEC OIL measures contaminants, degradation products, additive depletion as well as calculated properties like TAN, TBN, and viscosity within seconds.

Lubricant oils exhibit various chemical changes during their lifetime. This starts with simple changes such a fuel dilution of the fuel used or the uptake of soot (ASTM E2412) from the combustion. Numerous chemical reactions with combustion products lead to oxidation (ASTM D7414), nitration (ASTM D7624), or sulfation (ASTM D7415) of the lubricant and can be summarized as degradation products. All of them can be readily monitored by IR spectroscopy with ERASPEC OIL.

Eralytics’ patented rugged and light-weight FTIR spectrometer design allows measurements giving results as previously known from laboratory systems only. With its weight of only 8 kg and the ability to be powered by a vehicle battery, ERASPEC OIL can easily be brought on-site or even remote locations. There is no need to send in samples for analysis anymore.

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