Professional grade articulating swing arm tire changer with leverless mount head and high-performance BPS (Bead Press System) is the perfect choice for all OEM automotive and light truck wheels including difficult to mount stiff sidewall low-profile high-performance tires, deep drop center rims, and multi-ply commercial and industrial wheel applications. The unique design takes considerably less floor space compared to traditional tilt-back designs and utilizes an extremely rigid column and vertical arm with pneumatic locking and high-quality locking roller guides for long-lasting, smooth movement.


  • Leverless Mount Head
    • Provides simple fingertip activated demounting of high-performance low profile, stiff sidewall run flats and commercial use multi-ply tires up to 32” diameter and 12.5” wide.
  • Standard Bead Press System
    • Provides simple servicing of stiff sidewall tires and deep drop center rims. Dual bead press aids with drop-center tool save time and offer flexibility in multiple mounting methods.
  • Self-Centering Turntable
    • Self-centering turntable with 12-26” locking capacity, double rotation, and two speeds. The special geometry of the jaw tightening unit equipped with curved connecting rods ensures a constant locking force throughout different rim diameters while the steel rotating union reinforces the entire machine structure.
  • Standard Wheel Lift
    • The PTC20 comes standard with a pneumatic lift. With a lifting capacity of up to 185 lbs.


  • Power Supply: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph + Air
  • Rim Clamping Range: 12″ – 26″
  • Max. Tire Outside: 44″ (1,110 mm)
  • Max. Tire Width : 16″ (405 mm)
  • Bead Breaker Force: 6,395 lbf (2900 Kgf)
  • Operating Pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
  • Gross Ship Weight: 1,014 lbs (460 Kg)


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