The PTC25 combines the best of multiple tire changer technologies; offering speed and efficiency throughout a wide range of applications. Easily adapts to ultra-low-profile, run-flat tires, special custom rims, everyday wheels, and even commercial light truck and industrial wheels.


  • Center-Post Twist Lock Clamping System
    • Safely secures virtually all wheels without damage. Easy access to the rim and tire from the bottom side without obscuring the work area. Manual wheel locking system equipped with removable central fixing shaft able to lock rims from 12” to 30”. Reverse wheel-clamping kit included.
  • Vertical Arm in Extra-Rigid Configuration
    • The pneumatic movement of the operating arm and the double locking system complete with sliding rollers on the horizontal arm grant better operating accuracy.
  • Leverless System
    • Equipped with a patented automatic leverless mounting/dismounting tool, complete with plastic protections and controlled by a dedicated joystick. Thanks to the fast and repetitive automatic wheel dismounting procedure, any risk of damaging the rim or tire is eliminated.
  • Bead Pressing System
    • The new standard supplied independent floating bead presser is recommended to operate on Run-Flat and UHP tires. Particularly efficient on reverse rims thanks to the height of the tool, which can be easily reduced.
  • Standard Bead Breaking Arm
    • Leverless mount head provides simple fingertip activated demounting of high-performance low profile, stiff sidewall run flats and commercial use multi-ply tires up to 36” diameter and 12.5” wide.
  • Standard Wheel Lift
    • The PTC25 comes standard with a pneumatic lift. With a lifting capacity of up to 185 lbs.


  • Rim Clamping Range: 12″ – 30″
  • Maximum Tire Outside: 47″ (1,200 mm)
  • Maximum Tire Width: 15″(380 mm)
  • Bead Breaker Force: 1765 lbf (800 Kgf)
  • Operating Pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
  • Power Supply: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph + Air
  • Shipping Weight: 1,235 lbs (560 Kg)


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