The Pinnacle PWB40 Wheel Balancer, available with Pneumatic Locking or Manual Locking is made especially for busy tire shops. This new series has the latest technology in wheel balancing.

A high-volume diagnostic wheel balancer that uniquely uses off-car wheel balancing and RFV (eccentricity) combined with OEM on-car best practice recommendations to eliminate the most difficult tire and wheel related vibration problems.

Wheel balance, RFV measurement and on-car processes are used to be sure the assembly is balanced and round when rolling on the vehicle. At more than 40% cost savings in equipment investment, the PWB40 balancer provides a 78% faster cycle time than traditional RFV balancers. The wheel is balanced in an improved and simpler way. Tire to wheel RFV match mounting (eccentricity reduction) is virtually eliminated with this unique process. Auto prompting RFV Limit Monitor checks every assembly for excessive RFV during 5-sec balancing cycles. The technician is guided through a simple and fast repair process.

Auto Adaptive OPB balancing software automatically shifts to a single weight dynamic balance on over 70% of today’s wheels, while gaining a 33%-time savings on every balance. It also automatically resolves residual static unbalance common with traditional balancer software that can cause hidden vibration complaints. The shift to a single weight position is automatic thanks to the Laser Spotter System that always finds and marks the exact tape-on weight location providing instant and more accurate tape-on weight placement. Automatic inner arm 2D distance and diameter direct weight placement also includes standard automatic 3D wheel width measurement. No manual entry required. Ergonomically designed with greater wheel offset to gain easy access to inside tape-on weight locations. Automatic LED lighting of the inside of the wheel to greatly increase visibility. Motorized, fast 5-second cycle time. Standard Quick-Locking Wing Nut or optional Auto Clamping Pneumatic Clamping System. Quality, robust design, extremely accurate with a video multi-function interface. Electromagnetic brake holds the wheel for more accurate weight placement. Handles steel and custom wheels with a choice of clip-on, tape weight and hidden spoke modes up to 30” rim diameter.

  • Auto-Clamping model requires compressed air
  • 110v, 50/60 Hz.
  • Comes fully assembled.


  • Power Supply: 110VAC or 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
  • Balancing Speed: < 100 rpm
  • Balancing Accuracy: < 0.1 oz (< 1 g)
  • Average Cycle Time: 5 seconds
  • Rim Diameter Capacity: 10″ – 30″ (265 – 765 mm)
  • Rim Width Capacity: 1.5″ – 20″ (40 – 510 mm)
  • Max. Wheel Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 42″ (1,067 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 32 – 113°F (0 – 45°C)
  • Shaft Size: 40 mm
  • Operating pressure: 7-10 bar (105-145 psi)
  • Gross Ship. Weight: 400 lbs (180 Kg)


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