Designed for the removal of hole plugs, window, door, sunroof & rubber joints, mirrors, windshield wipers, metal/plastic bolts and throttles, as well as aiding in the loosening and removal of stickers/decals, electrical devices and weights on aluminium alloy rims
Made from impact resistant, non-marring polymer

Remover No.1 – Pointed & Rounded

Pointed Side: Ideal for removing hole plugs & all pinched elements. Assists in disconnecting harnesses.
Rounded Side: Ideal for loosening windows, doors & sunroof joints. Unscrews 1/4″ slotted plastic fasteners.

Remover No.2 – Ski & Rounded

Ski Side: Ideal for Removing & helps to install all rubber joints by sliding along the interior & exterior supports.
Assists in removal & installation of bigger hole plugs, trap doors or enclosed/clipped plastic compartments.

Remover No.3 – Lever & Tongue

Lever Side: Reinforced double vein design aids in the dismantling of mirrors, windshield wipers, hard unclip and extract components.
Tongue Side: Ideal for the removal of metallic/plastic bolts and throttles. The at end aids in the loosening of miscellaneous components on dashboards, doors, seats etc.

Remover No.4 – Spreader & Serrated

Spreader Side: Aids in the loosening and removal of any monogram adhesive decals & stickers.
Serrated Side: Ideal for pushing away adhesive residue. Allows for the loosening of wheel weights on aluminum alloy rims and unclips electrical devices.


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